Quick Overnighter

So, I decided at the last minute on Friday to grab a friend and head to the cabin. My friend Jennifer (photo credits go to her for the flowers and lake pics) and her two girls, Olivia, age 13 and Maria, age 12, went with me. We got there a bit later than planned because we stopped to eat and then went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. I’m pretty sure my missing a turn and having to follow the GPS ALL the way around to Rollways Road had nothing to do with getting there after dark.

It was a bit tricky finding the electric service box in the dark! We had great instructions from Jamie as far as getting everything up and running but neither of us thought about asking/mentioning where the breaker  box is. NOTE: it is in the bedroom with the twin beds, exactly opposite the wall where the electric box can be seen on the outside of the cabin, next to the door. Who knew?? Later, I’ll post a complete list of instructions because the lack of light and the lack of phone service kinda put a kink in trying to call/text for help.

Of course we checked out the beach right away! I LOVE the swing and could spend most of my time in it with no problem. We were pretty exhausted so we vegged in front of the TV and then went to bed. I slept in the loft…Jamie and Priscilla think that bed is hard…ha! You should sleep on the board here at my house! Anyway, it was HOT up there but after awhile it cooled off “enough”. I bought an oscillating fan for that room. You can thank me later! LOL

Even though we went to bed after midnight, I woke up early…5:15am to be exact…and couldn’t go back to sleep. For me, being at the lake (any lake) is like a kid having a new toy. I love the water and I love coffee… put the two together and I am one happy woman! So, I got to enjoy my coffee on the swing in the peace and quiet. There was NO ONE up at that time.

After Jen and the girls got up, we had breakfast and then commenced to doing cabin-type things. Mostly that meant Jen and I lazing around on the beach while the girls rowed around the lake. We all went to the public beach later and I met Donna, whose husband is the association president. The association was having a free community picnic. (which we didn’t stay for)

When we got back from the beach, the neighbors on the…um…right side as you stand on the beach, looking at the cabin…were out. Eddie, Agnes, and Dawn. Great people, very fun and friendly. I’m sure you’ll get to meet them.

Jen and Olivia hung out and did some more raking. Trying to help out with the big task Jamie and Priscilla took on. (Kudos to them…they’ve done a ton of maintenance stuff both inside and out…thanks guys!) Maria and I went to town for the fan, another rake, and some sun screen. There is some bug spray there and now sun screen too.

After a little more work, we ate lunch. Jen and I did some more “nothing” and the girls floated around in the tubes for a bit until it was time to pack up to head home. We did our best to clean up after ourselves. I brought a hand towel and dish cloth home to wash and will send them back up with Brian when he goes.

It was a short but great trip and I’m looking forward to going back. I hope we can ALL get there together before summer is over!


(P.S. I will create a separate post with tips, tricks, and instructions when I get a chance.)


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Blog Intro

Hey family! When Brian and I visited the cabin on Father’s Day, my first visit, Jamie mentioned having a blog where we could share all-things-cabin. I thought it was a great idea so I’m getting it started. Hopefully, I’ll be handing it off to Jamie to maintain since it was his idea! I hope all of you will contribute. It’s a great way to keep in touch, share pictures, and talk about logistical stuff too. Let me or Jamie know if there’s anything we can do to make the blog easier to use, or if anyone else would like to be the “keeper” of it. Image